About Ziaflow

Electronica- atmospheric, melodic, deep, chill(i paprika). 

Tasty breaks & ethereal vocals 

A Reason For the Night to Come OUT NOW on SOLACE Records / Silk Recordings (UK)  - Get it while it's HOT! 

Click **HERE** to buy on iTunes

Click HERE  to hear a sneak preview


Zia is currently working on her forthcoming EP 'VIEW POINT' 


Hailing from the heart of Eastern Europe, Zia (aka Gyongyi Salla) has made a journey from Budapest to London to master her skills in vocals/ jazz & popular music performance first at Goldsmiths, University of London, followed by her studies at the well renowned modern music school, The Institute of Contemporary Music Performace. She recently relocated to Berlin to showcase her musical passion with the world.

Her journey continued with numerous releases collaborating with various Producers, sharing unique, uplifting yet mystical sounds from around the music world. Now, having found her heart and soul in the ever evolving music scene, Zia demonstrates her passion of singing through deep, dark, and bass-driven yet soulful electronic tracks. Expect tasty breaks skipping over her ethereal voice, which harnesses the mellow jazz tone as she sinks her teeth into the magic of vocal performance. Zia regularly travels between Berlin, London, Budapest and Barcelona - just to name a few cities, for writing, recording and arranging sessions that present her unique worldview on life and creativity. Let the eclectic mix of styles take you through her colorful journeys as she performs at live shows. 

19 05


Dub Killer Official feat. Ziaflow - A Reason For the Night to Come OUT NOW

on Solace Records / Silk Recordings Grab it while it's HOT:


15 05

GAU Company feat. Ziaflow

Pleased to be working with the contemporary dance group, GAU Company! 

I will be live-looping in their upcoming theater play in July.

Watch our first trailer **HERE** 

Catch the show on 21/22/23 July in Theaterforum Kreuzberg, Berlin.


16 02

SUB.FM - Mentha & Ziaflow + Spacedrome Guestmix

Fun times with Mentha live on SUB FM 

with the Subaltern Records fortnightly

Radio show today 

Listen back HERE

Lookin' forward to more soon!

Next up live at VOID Berlin on 25.02.17

07 02

Second Teaser - View Point EP (Forthcoming)

Another sneak peek of the first single from

my next EP View Point - love working on this! 


Teaser video by Ita Rehbach aka Rehbach Photography 
Bike Stunts: Fülöp Vidákovich 
Filmed in my hometown, Budapest - dec. 2016

24 01

New Video - View Point (WIP) Forthcoming EP

Happy to share the first TEASER VIDEO

for my upcoming EP - View Point (WIP)

Video by Ita Rehbach aka Rehbach Photography

Bike Stunts by Fülöp Vidákovich

Filmed in Budapest, December 2016

17 11

Berlin FM

Guest mix & interview with Mentha on BLN.FM

airs again tonight at 9pm, and on Sunday at 10pm (Berlin time).

Pleasure to have recorded some foxy vox for this!

Out to the Subaltern Records & Impulse Berlin Crews 

Tune in here: www.bln.fm or listen back on the link below.



28 10

Interview (Video)

Around this time, two years ago

I released Nineteen Hundred,

and I just found some footage

which I thought was long lost!

It's never too late so I decided

to share it with you,

had fun putting the video

together (new skills ha!) 



05 10

Dance Improvisation to 'Taking back my Soul' (snippet)

This mini clip features the wonderful dancer 

Nadine Freisleben who got inspired by my song

'Taking back my Soul' from my Nineteen Hundred EP

a couple years back.

Beautiful dancing, looking forward to our collab coming up soon!



17 09

New Video OUT NOW

I am excited to share our latest work with the

immensely talented Ita Rehbach aka #RehbachPhotography:

'A Reason for the Night to Come' by

Dub Killer Official and myself

from our upcoming EP 'In the Rain'

(forthcoming on Solace Records, UK)


Was lovely to work with the magical Lesley and Freddy! 
Very special thanks to 

#AnnikaOlbrichOstfee , 

Pleasure is pretty & Vagabund Brauerei.

Check out the video 


23 06

Live on Sub.FM - where Bass matters

Live with Mentha Subaltern Records Radio in the studio currently live on SUB FM - and for another hour, lock in!! 

07 03


Great day of shooting with the wonderful Lesley & Freddy for my upcoming release.

Can't wait to see the finished video soon! ‪#‎rehbachphotography‬

Check the photos HERE

26 01

Upcoming EP (Preview)

Hello lovely people in the universe!

Been working a lot in my studio the last few months,

and HERE's a sneak preview of my first upcoming release this year,

soon to be published! ;) 

Love working with Dub Killer Official #‎futuregarage‬ ‪#‎intherainep‬

31 12

Bring on 2016!

I bow to 2015 and greet 2016 - as I actually managed to

tick off everything of my to do list yesterday

- wasn't see this coming haha! :) 

I'd also like to thank for the 'once in a life time kind of people'

who have been part of my lifetime journey so far,

as well as those who stepped recently into it..

Wouldn't be the same without you, you know who you are!

I wish everyone to feel complete in the new year,

in whatever sense and have it filled with love as much as I do! ‪#‎happy‬ ‪#‎bringon2016‬

01 11


Check Check! Heute gibt's mal wieder was auf die Ohren


- thank you Analyse Schmidt Klickt Euch rein :) ‪#‎weddingparty‬

06 09


Caravan LP is out today: http://www.junodownload.com/deep-dubstep/ 

out to Dub Killer Official - love working with him!

We're producing more for your ears, soon to be released,

in the meantime this LP is perfect for a Sunday chill :)

24 08

Upcoming Release

Very happy to announce that I'll appear on the next Dub Killer Official LP called 'Caravan'.

Have a listen to the preview below to hear what there is to expect, release date 06/09/15

Can't wait!


13 08

Berlin vibes

Lately I got on the 4x4 flex... oh, Berlin! Dat hatt' ick nie vor.. 
New uploads coming soon on SC, in the meantime here's the latest release we've done with Perverse Music & D-Cult for the Subaltern Records / TUBATransatlantic Vol.2 Compilation. Never say never! Thanks Keep Deep for the support x https://soundcloud.com/keepdeep/dcult-perverse-never-ft-ziaflow-premiere

19 07

Celebrating 3 years!

3 years since this project came to life.. been reflecting on my journey, and I'm really grateful to have worked with so many talented, and wonderful people so far - THANK YOU for being part of the Ziaflow experience and letting me grow as an artist through our collaborations! ‪#‎happysunday‬

Photo by the one and only Daniel Herendi Photography from our very first session for this project capturing the Zia feathers, in 2012
Make up & hair by the amazing Chamia Choudhury Hair & Makeup Artist - what a shoot that was!!

01 06

Working on my new EP

Had a lovely visit recently by the one and only

Angela Blacklaw, here in Berlin.

Have a look how Brandenburg vibes inspired us HERE!

‪#‎writingsession‬ ‪#‎berlinbound‬ 

#‎newsongs‬‪#‎EP‬ ‪#‎ziaflow‬ 


27 05

#HotHouseHungary Flashback - Pulse 2015

Moments from ‪#‎HothouseHungary‬ at Pulse London 

- had such a great time writing this ambient forest sound

theme track for the occasion!

Listen HERE

Sound branding also by me :) 

22 05

SUBTUB02 at #1

Hello world. I salute you for all that you bring each day...

So super stoked how well the Subaltern Records & TUBA 

Transatlantic Vol.2 (SUBTUB02) is doing!! Check out HERE

I'm honoured to be appearing on this record

alongside one of my favourite artists.

This release is magic! ‪#‎SUBTUB‬

18 05

III in I

Had an amazing time at Inhouse Film Festival 

& with Hu+ at Pulse Londonlast week!!

Back in the studio now, recording recording & recording!

Here's the music I wrote for the stand at the exhibition,

thanks for Mentha for his skills, amazing producing

& mixing as usual! Enjoy some ambient vibes HERE

and have a great week, bis bald :) 

11 05
04 05

New Release - 11 May 2015

Out to Subaltern Records & TUBA save the date:

SUBTUB02 - Transatlantic Vol.2 - Out 11th May,

and you'll here me on it too! (Never by D-Cult & Perverse Music ft. myself)

Listen here and Buy 8GB USB Key (Vol.1 & Vol.2) here


03 05

Writing for Hu+

Working on a couple of collab tracks at the moment

as well as writing music for the Hu+ multi-sensory stand

at Pulse London. Check out the concept here.

The lush environment will include

kinetic installation, and a unique scent filling the air

while marrying some forest sounds amongst others..

One week to go - we're very excited to present it!

30 04

Live at InHouse Festival

Performing at Inhouse Film Festival this year again,

such an honour to be back! Saturday 9th May.

Save the date ;) 


25 04

April Newsletter

News: http://eepurl.com/bkgY4L 

08 04

#HotHouseHungary at Pulse London 2015

Hu+ are excited to announce this year's

 Pulse London ‪#‎HothouseHungary‬ showcase

at Olympia London. One of my contributions this time

will be as a voice for the forest and the various bird calls :)  

There are some incredibly talented people

working very hard on this project to bring it to life, can't wait for May! 


16 03

Photos from Inspiral

Great vibes at Inspiral Lounge and Events 

& lovely crowd as always!

Thanks to Drısanmusıcmejle and keycolour 

for being part of it-

wouldn't have been the same without you!

Pics here

12 03

Tomorrow at Inspiral Lounge

Another snippet from a rehearsal with Keycolour!

Come hear us live in London,

at Inspiral Lounge and Events tomorrow

alongside Drısanmusıc &mejle :)

10 03


Multitasking on a higher level:

Singing, looping, videoing.. ha!

Excuse my recording skills, enjoy the sound :) 


06 03

Hu+ Collective

The Hu+ website is up & running!

Keep checking for news, something's in the make :) 

In the meantime enjoy the fresh site: http://www.huplus.co.uk/

06 02

Back at InSpiral Lounge, London!

Inspiral Lounge and Events is one of the places in London

where I love to spend time at, whether I play or just chill!

Stoked to be back soon for some electronic shizzle with

 Drısanmusıc & mejle 

05 02

New Collaboration

Here's a short clip of one of my latest

collabs for all of you who ponder...

and of course for those who don't!

21 01

Live on SUB FM - listen back

Listen back to Mentha's Subaltern Records 

Radio XMAS Special HERE on SUB FM with special guests 

MurkShivaDottor Poison - Dnb Attack 

& myself with a bit of improv! 

25 12

Live on SUBFM today

Today we'll bring you bass & delicate melodies

live on SUB FM  Can't wait Mentha

Murk &Shiva and the

mighty Dottor Poison - Dnb Attack


Cannot wait! 


Lock on to hear us here

and say hi in the chat too! 

22 12

Nineteen Hundred EP OUT NOW

Today is the day #NineteenHundred OUT NOW! 


Thanks to everyone who made this possible,

this EP has been important for me as it wraps up

a very eventful era of my life, as I'm moving into

a brand new chapter. Really hyped about what's

to come and I'm ever so happy you're all part of it 


20 12

Nineteen Hundred EP release date 22/12/2014

Here's a clip of the title track from my recent 

#NineteenHundred EP. The whole EP will be available

on https://ziaflowmusic.bandcamp.com/releases on Monday,

22/12/2014 together with some exclusive Ziaflow merchandise


01 12

Fashion Show

I've been to the Herczeg Empire Fashion Show

with Félelem Nélkül - Autó és Motorsport magazin 

yesterday - what a cool event! More on this soon... ;)

15 11


Had the most exciting photo-shoot with 

Daniel Herendi Photography (Hu+ collab)

Laura Lo Presti Make-up artist last night.

This is a short snippet of the 'concept shot'

for the digital release, with Dan giving me instructions

while I'm following one already - singing along the tune(s)

from the EP as he's taking the photos!

Really cannot wait to see (and share) the pics  #NineteenHundred

01 11

New Studio

Relocating my studio, so basically my life,

to an exciting new place (more on that later).

So I've been pretty busy since the EP Launch!

Still buzzing from that lovely night though

every time I think of it :) 

Can't wait to share a few good news with you soon

as well as the official digital release date, 

in the meantime check my facebook some photos

from my last couple of very eventful days with the

Félelem Nélkül - Autó és Motorsport magazin crew!

24 10


It has been such a beautiful night at Inspiral Lounge and Events  

It was really amazing to see so many familiar facesand nice

and to meet new people too!

Wicked vibe and audience all throughout -

can't express how happy I am to have shared it with you.

Looks like I'll be back at inSpiral so keep an ear

and eye out for more info soon.

Much love and THANK YOU 


12 10

Promo Trailer 2

Second Promo trailer on YouTube: 


‪#‎NineteenHundred‬ EP Launch at Inspiral Lounge and Events London, UK - 23/10/2014 - see you there!

11 09


All confirmed beautiful people: 

6 weeks today I'll be launching my new EP

at Inspiral Lounge and Events 

This is gonna be so much fun!!

Inspiral event info:


Event page:


29 08

Next EP in the make!

‘When you create, you make a piece of history!’

Sooo.. I've been working hard to create a piece of history for y’all

(my new EP and its launch), and I gotta say, it’s coming together nicely!

Really excited to have Pleasure is pretty on board with something very special

available for you on the night! Watch this space for more info soon  #excited

26 07

Audiovisual Project


Check out this rad project by Musicjelly that was launched

at InTRANSIT Festival and I'm involved in it too!

Mix & match the different audiovisual loops,

and create your own musical compositions - crazy cool, enjoy!

Available online and as an app for smartphones etc. worldwide.

18 07

Blue Deep EP Release on TUBA coming soon!

Our next release with Mentha is truly an international affair!

Mentha and D-OPERATION DROP hail from Italy, RDG calls Denmark his home, 

TUBA is based in New York City and me-myself-and-I represent Hungary.

We love global releases like this!!!

The Blue Deep EP drops this coming Monday, July 21st - can't wait


14 07

Short Promo Video

As promised here's the latest video I've been working on!

Thanks a million to The Glow for providing the clothes

and to GATI MEDIA for the ever so cool video  


30 06

Audiovisual Recording with MusicJelly

Just recorded a quick introductory video for Musicjelly.

Exciting project I'm lucky enough to be involved in,

their audio-visual product will be available worldwide soon!

03 06

Prepping next video

Fitting at The Glow today! Busy days prepping for my next video!

20 05

Recording with MusicJelly

Great session with Musicjelly today!

Watch this space for some #audiovisual madness available worldwide soon :)

10 05

Exhibition at Earl's Court

5 designers, 3 days, many outfits!

I will be representing Hu+ at Pulse London11-13th May

at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, and we're sponsored

by The Glow providing clothes for us to wear! See you there?

09 05

Forthcoming release

Listening to the masters of our forthcoming

Mentha & Ziaflow release onTUBA - exciting times!

More details soon

07 05

New cover / FREE Download

..and it's here! Enjoy - it's a free download as well  


30 04

New Video

My recent collaboration with HU+ members

Popupology - into the fold) and GATI MEDIA


12 04

inHOUSE Film Festival

Inhouse Film Festival last night was sensational

- such a pleasure to be part of it!

Here are the photos: iHFF Music

Huge thanks to

Attila 'Gati' Gasparetz 

(director/ producer of

my recent video: http://youtu.be/UC5L0LGrbVk)

and Elod Beregszaszi aka

 Popupology - into the fold (prop master),

big love!

#ziaflow #live #audiovisual 

#performance #inHOUSEfestival 


08 04

Audio-visual Performance @ inHOUSE Film Festival

I'll be talking about my new video's concept with the director /

producer Attila 'Gati' Gasparetz 

at Inhouse Film Festival

followed by a live performance this Friday - 11/04/14

Many thanks to Annamaria Vas,

Luca Romanyi &

Elod Beregszaszi aka Popupology - into the fold 

for the help, jewellery / asseccories / prop master etc.

Event page: 


29 03

Ziaflow Live at InHOUSE Film Festival

One good news after the other:

In addition to my Pacha London gig in one week


my invitation to perform at the Inhouse Film Festival has been confirmed as well!

See event pages at 'Ziaflow live'

Have a great weekend everyone

28 03

Ziaflow live @ PACHA

So I'm back to reality after 2 "internetless" days in Italy to find out a gig at Pacha London 

has been booked for me, great- see you there on 5th April!

I'll be singin' around the beat for Robie Adriano :) 

01 03

Appearance in Hungarian Divany Magazine

Article with Előd Beregszászi AKA Popupology - into the fold - in Dívány.hu magazine -

read the article if you speak Hungarian, or simply enjoy the gallery where I also appear

in the Kineticorset I was wearing at Mind The Dubstep presents: Subaltern Records 003

HUNGARIAN Speaking followers: olvassátok el a cikket- én is felvillanok (szó szerint) a nekem készített fűzőben! 


27 02

Photos of Ministry Of Sound Live improv Performance - Big up Bleep Nights!

Last saturday I improvised live at Ministry of Sound Club -
here are the photos by Bleep Nights, enjoy! 
23 01

Ziaflow at Ministry of Sound

Now preparing for a smashing night at MOS with Bleep Nights -

come get bleeped with us! 


19 01


Photos by Alberto Romano have been published from the MTD / SUBALTERN event on Friday Jan 17th - was a great night, I really enjoyed being part of it!  

The maker of the amazing kinetic corset I was wearing is: Popupology - into the fold 

03 01

LIVE performance

2 weeks from today we'll get you deep again at Mind The Dubstep presents: Subaltern Records 003 

I'll be singing alongside Mentha and share the stage with Clearlight, Taiko, D-OPERATION DROPPiezo,

KURSK, Rcadiajobanti

Cessman & Shorty - can't wait!

30 12

New Collab with M.U.D Producers

Brand new bit with D-Cult & Perverse Music -


Out to M.U.D. 

16 12

Ziaflow live on SubFM

Just before heading to Circus Extravaganza I featured a very special edition of TUBANYC on SUB FM. Broadcasting live from South London with special guests Mentha & Ziaflow (live vox), PrismLove The CookKarma Beatz, and more! Tracks from RDG's latest release on TUBA were played too, available to buy!

6-8 GMT
1-3 EST
10-12 PST

01 12

Extravaganza Productions presents: Ziaflow

Next up is a live improvisation gig @ Proud Camden - a night of live music, circus performances, aerial hoop and fire acts & much more! See more at 'Ziaflow Live' 

20 11

Rep deal for licensing

The ziaflowmusic YouTube channel is now officially represented by Viral Spiral -more videos coming soon! Meanwhile, watch, comment, share what's on there and subscribe if you like what you see. 

13 11


I made this a FREE DOWNLOAD as a thank you to all your amazingly positive feedback to this, so far - enjoy! 


22 10

Live Performance @ Mind The Dubstep

Subaltern Records 002 officially announced, can't wait!


Mind The Dubstep presents: Subaltern Records 002

Prism (UK Debut)
D-OPERATION DROP b2b Piezo (UK Debut)
Geode b2b Promise One
Syte b2b Trashbat
Rcadia b2b Jobanti
Retrospective For Love (Live)
05 10

Donation for the Nation!

U can buy 'Taking Back My Soul' now at  

-1/2 of the sales are donated to  & The Fender Music Foundation 

03 09

Another Release!

I featured Konvex's

forthcoming tune on 

Wheel & Deal Records 

"The Wheel & Deal Album Vol 2″

with tunes from 

N-Type,Surge Dubstep

Benton LAXXBiome


and others! 

29 08


US label happily and officially announced the release of a Mentha & Ziaflow tune. Stay posted for more information!

02 08

New Studio Material

New Studio Material up on soundcloud - In the past months Zia was busy writing, recording and producing her upcoming EP "Risk Appetite" collaborating with Mind The Dupstep Producers check it out on:



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Bookings for Ziaflow Club Improv


Ministry of Sound with Bleep Nights
Change Video Shoot
Live at Proud Camden
Live impro in Pacha London
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